Just a few pictures of a beautiful church

Visiting church often is very inspiring for me, not only for the building but even more for the beautiful services, I mainly love to attend Vespers and Evensongs. But sometimes another view can give a whole new inspiring feeling. Sometimes a building also can be very inspiring. Beneath I want to share some unusual pictures of the church I often visit, Domkerk in Utrecht, the Netherlands.


In the pictures above you can see the construction of the roof above the chancel, the keystone of the chancel which you can see from inside the church with Jesus and Mary and looking down the chancel with the ambulatory and chapels behind it. As an architect once said: God is in the detail.

What certainly is not seen often is the beautiful weather vane, which is more then 110 meters above ground level. and the Cloister-Garth which is with the church, and some moments of this Garth in use.