Stranger in Jordan

Jordan, what a beautiful country! I visited Jordan twice until now, and I absolutely want to go another few times! Aqaba, wadi Rum, Petra (this is a must go, very beautiful!), the kings highway, Madaba, Jerash and of course Amman. Jordan has very nice people, and in spite of the wars in neighbor countries it is very safe there. Queen Noor, wife of late king Hussein, had a big influence on the country, making people more open minded than in surrounding countries. If this is only because of her I do not know, but that they are more open and easy going for western people is a fact. (compared to Egypt, Syria and Lebanon)

Aqaba is definitely the perfect location to go snorkeling or diving! We went a few miles offshore to get to the right spot, and it was spot on, wonderful!! In the city lots of nice restaurants, and try the fresh baked baklava from the bakery, delicious!

     Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum is a beautiful place, desert, full of colors, where you can make a tour with a camel or with a Jeep (or other 4 wheel drive car) and we slept a night in a Bedouin tent, under a starry sky.

Petra is one of the most beautiful sites I’ve ever seen. buildings in the rocks. First time I went there we did the most touristic walk, and second time we took another trail, which was even more overwhelming. such beautiful colors, impressive buildings or what is left of them. Solely Petra already makes Jordan a must go! One of the visits we encountered a group of Asian tourists (I thought they were from Korea), who did an excursion to Petra running. What a pity for them!!

     Mosaic map in St.George’s church

From Petra we went to Karak, a place with an impressive ancient crusader castle. I really can recommend going there. From there it is a small distance to the red sea. The story of a man reading the French paper ‘Le Monde’ in sea is true: one does float on the water enough read a paper without sinking.

The next must see town is Madaba. You can see lots of beautiful mosaics there, one I want to mention in particular is a map on the floor of St. George’s church. It is a map from around the year 560 AD showing the biblical sites in the area (from Egypt to Lebanon). Really impressive!!!

From there we went to Amman, but not before visiting mount Nebo, where Moses is said to have seen the promised land and died before entering it. There is a memorial church, a large bronze memorial, a monstrous plaque that the pope visited the site and a very beautiful view over the surrounding area.

    Ruins of Jerash 

From Amman you can easily travel to Jerash, where are through time well reserved ruins of a roman city. Again a very beautiful must see. I am aware I have used this words very often in this piece, but that’s what you get with such a beautiful country. Final words on this post should not be else than the very strong advice to go there and see and experience it yourself!!

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