IV society 2050…(trend 5,6 and 7)

First of all, what I did not write in my earlier post and do want to mention is that elderly people often are alone and may need a place to socialize. Having contact with others when you do no longer have a job is very important. For instant communities like church are very helpful at that point, although you also can visit a church for other obvious reasons (but there also are bridge, pool, sport, read, …,  and other clubs people can go to). But to remain to the social aspect for a moment: not only elderly people need social contacts. In a world where virtual reality, digital contacts become more standard everybody needs a place to meet people face to face.

Relating to that, in order to say something useful about the future, we should not forget people who are not connected to internet, not even have a computer. People that do not want to have one or are not able to afford one.

Places should be created where those people can go to use a computer, and maybe ask someone else to help them or look something up for them when they are not able to do it themselves. This might even go together with places to socialize.

The far going computerization and robotification of the world makes the distance between poor and rich larger, and a vast need of people who now their electronics and mechanics. Besides that I think lots of people will become lonely, what makes space for re-socializing the more important.

Having said that, I come to the last trend: renewable or sustainable energy. At this very moment lots of renewable, sustainable forms of energy are available. The only problem at this stage is that economically seen it is far more preferable to use traditional resources (mainly oil, gas and coal). Governments earn to much on taxes.


But for example for electricity one can use wind (windmills), sun: photo voltaic cells, water: energy from current water, energy from waves, energy from tiding. Main problem at the moment I think is good storage of electric power.

For heat one can use sun, there are very good sun collectors in different types on the market. Heat is much easier to store in for example heat and cold storage in ground water wells, or molten salt thermal energy storage. Also in building there are several solutions to make a building energy efficient.

Actually I think with some investments we can easily use 100% green energy. A good push in the right direction came lately from Eon, a west European energy company, which decided to replace all traditional resources to sustainable ones.

I also want to mention here Ms Leslie Dewan, an USA citizen and nuclear scientist who did research at MIT on clean and safe nuclear energy using nuclear waste and a salt solution to control the process. The idea was use of low radiant nuclear waste, which resulted in enough energy an waste which had to be stored for 300 – 400 years in stead of 30.000 – 40.000 years.

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