II society 2050… (trend 1)

How are we going further into the future, let’s have a closer look on trend 1 I sketched earlier.  What I see happening is for example growing of the online shopping market. I do not think that online shopping will take over, because for many things costs of delivery would be more expensive then necessary. Besides, on some things you want to look in a shop before you take them home. But for non food and relatively small things like computers, phones, small kitchen equipment, I think online sale will be a great thing.

Besides the online stores we see a move to the revival of crafts, people having no job – as a consequence of the economic crises – are making an effort to use their talents locally. Shoe and cloth repair is often cheaper and as good as new clothes. Road workers and gardeners starting for themselves and working together, beauty salons and mani- and pedicure, barrista’s. All sorts of one (wo)man business develop in a good way. This is also stimulated on the customer side, where relative low price for good quality, social contacts, trust,  authenticity and craftsmanship are appreciated.

informal sector

What also will start or grow are in my vision companies that separate trash for recycling and make innovative new stuff of it , second hand markets will flourish. Sustainable use of materials. Maybe even the informal sector will grow, people who want to work hard, not lead by the rules of the international community, but by doing quick and good what they are good in.

Another growing thing is urban farming, growing local vegetables and/or fish and flesh. because it is grown local, transport costs are low and products will be in the shops fresh! That is what people are looking for, good sustainable quality.

urban farming

Concluding on trend 1, I think we can say that local entrepreneurship must be encouraged, which I think automatically will make people more happy, and as a side effect make society more sustainable.


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