Stranger in a strange land.

What I love about visiting other countries is quite a number of things. Experiencing the difference in culture compared to the one I have grown up is one of them, looking at historical sites with meaning and looking at beautiful architecture another thing. Meeting the people, trying to communicate with them gives me lots of nice moments, lots of laughs. People in other countries are often very kind and forthcoming.

My travels are to be divided in roughly three main types, city trips, tours and holidays with lots of hiking through nature. There are so many places I would mention as being very beautiful, I can only mention some of them:


The Umayyad Mosque or great Mosque in Damascus, where the head of John the Baptist lays. I liked it for the beautiful building, the sacred atmosphere, well, words are too short to describe the experience. Reminding me the visit it was a very warm and sunny day, the floor of the courtyard was shimmering like a mirror, stones very hot, and the inside was cool and silent. A pity you can not visit Syria now because of the war. before the war it was a beautiful country with lovely nice people, I hope after the war people are not hurt/traumatized too much to recover and I will be able to visit Syria again.


The souks at Marrakesh were wonderful. An Eastern atmosphere, locals selling food and non-food products, smells, sounds and everything. Nice people, negotiate and drink tea. I bought a lots of spices there, and a lamp of camel leather, got a snake around my neck and we ate there a few times, delicious kebab and mixed grill.

Prague, a beautiful city, beautiful music and impressive sites like the old Jewish cemetery, prague castle and Charles bridge. Pedal on the Vltava river (Moldau) and have a good glass of wine. And also of course looking at the modern architecture like the dancing house (fred and ginger) from architect Frank Gehry.

joodse begraafplaats praag

Italy, how to summarise Italy. I strongly recommend a visit to Italy, Florence, Siena, San Gimignano, the whole of Tuscany and of course Venice and Rome. In Italy I have not been more south than Rome, but that is to come! Warmth, good food, lovely and beautiful buildings and art.

Well, I can go on for a while, but I’d better write a piece on every country I’ve been, which maybe I will, or not… the future will tell.


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